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GTA CNC Shop is ISO 9001:2015 Certified machine shop and currently in the process of AS9100. GTA Machines more than 20 different materials, including Aluminum, Brass, Invar, Inconel, Plastics, Silver, Steel, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, and Titanium. Therefore, our customers have better choice in material for their parts. Our experienced team can handle from simple to complex parts, custom parts, prototypes, assemblies, small to large production runs. GTA machine shop offers various part finishing processes, Deburring, Sand blasting, and Mirror finishing. Conveniently Located close to Toronto Pearson Airport, Canada



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GTA Machining Solutions is a custom CNC machine shop located in Mississauga near Toronto Pearson Airport, Ontario, Canada. 30+ years of experience in CNC and conventional precision machining and fabricating.
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Commercial Equipment

Food Industry


Heavy Duty Equipment

Mining & Well Drilling

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GTA Machining Information

CNC Precision Machine Shop, Toronto Offers:

CNC Milling, CNC Turning and Fabrication

  • GTA CNC Machine Shop offers Competitive pricing
  • 2D and 3D parts, simple or complex parts,
  • Small to large volume  production runs,
  • Prototype parts
  • Assemblies
  • Rush order parts turnaround in 24 hours, therefore less down time for our customers
  • We deal with only approved top quality metal suppliers with proper certification
  • First article inspection, In-process inspection and final inspection reports without any extra cost.
  • Actual CNC precision machine shop, not a distributor
  • Strong team of CNC programmers and machinists, willing to take complex projects
  • Surface finishing services – Sand Blasting, Vibratory finishing, Mirror finishing Aluminum, Brass, Stainless steels
  • 3D printing to test assemblies or prototypes
  • Break downs, rush projects, and inventory mistakes happen, we are here to support our customers
  • Prototype designing, from your hand drawn sketches to finish product
  • Machining Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel, Stainless steels, Tool steels, Titanium’s and all types of plastic (Acetal/ Delrin, Nylon, PVC, UHMW, Vespel)
  • Certificates for materials, special processes (Ultrasonic, NDT, Heat treatment etc.)  provided without any extra cost
  • Honest, Responsible and 100% full support for our customers,
  • Dedicated CNC programmers and Quality control inspector


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    10 Points to Get Quality Parts, at Shorter Lead Time

    1. Always try to provide proper model and drawing of the part, and make sure drawing is dimension properly and not missing information, Drawings should have all the information to produce a part, Example material, Rev notes, finishing notes. Models should be reference only, 99.9% machine shops convert customer part models to their CAM software, Model data can be lost or changed during conversion to different file formats.
    2. Choose proper tolerance for each feature and select the right material for your project.
    3. Do not assume anything, whatever the requirement is make sure to write in drawing notes or share with manufacturer.
    4. Any concern or questions should be raised before manufacturer starts machining.
    5. If you require sample parts be flexible with material choice. It will be cost effective and shorter delivery time

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      1. Multi axis CNC Lathes vs Standard 2axis CNC Lathes

      CNC Lathes came long way, Traditionally Lathes or 2 axis lathes come with X-Axis and Z-Axis only, these CNC lathes are able to do to turning, grooving, threading, drilling and broaching. Before 1990 most of these lathe machines came with tailstock to support the longer parts, and Hydraulic steady rests were very rare on these lathes. Most lathes came with conversational and macro programming options to create the CNC programs on the machine without CAM software. These lathes were made with boxway slides and were able to do bigger depth of cuts. Most of these lathes were with one spindle and one turret only.

      Modern 4 Axis lathes can do all the features what 2 axis lathes are able to do, also modern lathes are offered with multiple spindles, turrets, and hydraulic steady rests.

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