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 CNC Machining and Fabrication

GTA Machining Solutions is a CNC Machine shop located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We serve customers locally, nationally, and globally with top quality components and assemblies. The Custom Machine Shop is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is in the process of obtaining AS9100 certification. 

CNC Machine Shop Mississauga

 GTA provides precision machined parts for competitive prices.  Milling and turning machines machines are equipped with CMM probes for obtaining high quality parts.
Precision and reproducibility are important characteristics of GTA machining Solutions.
CNC Machining is our passion, and GTA Team strives to help our customers to be more successful with their projects and meet their deadlines.

Quality parts

Our goal is to achieve high quality service by providing our team members with proper training, testing, and support, using high end equipment, and following proven procedures for CNC Machining, Fixturing, and Programming. 

Material Certification


The GTA machine shop only purchases materials from suppliers that have received the appropriate certification. Additionally, we also provide Rohs3 compliant materials. We purchase materials in accordance with the specifications provided by our clients. Certificates of materials are provided without additional charge.


 CNC Machine Shop Mississauga, Toronto, Canada

CNC Parts are precision manufactured and competitively priced, with a standard delivery time of one to two weeks. An expedited delivery service is also available for urgent orders.  

Machining and Fabrication

Our company’s main objective is to be able to machine a wide variety of materials using CNC machining centers, CNC turning centers, and many more complex machines. Machined materials include aluminum, bronze, brass, plastics, steel, stainless steel, tool steel, and titanium of all grades. As part of our commitment to maintaining maximum accuracy and repeatability, every CNC machine in our company is calibrated regularly   

  • – CNC and Conventional Machining
  • – 2D and 3D Parts and
  • – Milling parts up 70″ Long
  • – Turning Up To 14″ Diameter
  • – Hard -Turning  or Milling up to 60Hrc components
  • – Single, Multi Start, and Custom Threading
  • – Custom Augers
  • – Internal and External Broaching
  • – 2 and 4- axis CNC Lathes with milling capabilities
  • – CNC Lathes with bar feeder and sub  spindle
  • – 3,4 and 5 Axis CNC Milling Machines
  • – Rotary Axis Machining
  • – Spline Cutting
  • – Engraving
  • – Mirror finishing Aluminum, Brass and Stainless steels
  • – Anodizing
  • – Chrome Plating
  • – Deburring
  • – Heat treatment
  • – Galvanizing
  • – Oxidize
  • – Zinc Plating
  • – Painting
  • – Powder Coating
  • – Sand blasting

What We Do


We can assist you with design, prototyping, choosing the most suitable materials, as well as finishing the part. Consequently, the part will last longer, be more durable, and look more appealing as a result.

  • – Complete Design and Manufacturing
  • – CAD Modeling
  • – Fixture and Tooling Design
  • – Reverse Engineering
  • – Support the product development process
  • – Material and Finishing Recommendations 
  • – Ensure Rohs 3 materials and finishes are implemented

What We Do


Besides having a team of experienced employees, GTA offers a wide assortment of equipment that allows us to manufacture quality products. Our services are not limited to traditional industries, we also serve many other industries as well.  

  • – Automotive
  • – Blow and injection Molding
  • – Consumer Products
  • – Farming Equipment
  • – Food Processing
  • – Industrial Equipment
  • – Light and Heavy Duty Machinery Equipment
  • – Laboratory Equipment
  • – Medical
  • – Packaging
  • – Roll Forming
  • – Sheet Metal
  • – Tool and Die Manufacturing
  • – Well Drilling
  • – And Much More

Custom Machined Parts

Machining Services Mississauga

A team of experienced and motivated individuals
Fastest turn-around time for quotes and parts

 Quality CNC Parts from basic sketches to completed products

An extensive inventory of materials  

We Aren’t Afraid Of Trying New Technologies

GTA Offers Quality  CNC Parts & Competitive  Pricing

A solid, highly skilled team of engineers, CNC programmers, machinists, and quality control technicians at GTA machining solutions can handle any project. Whatever its complexity, deadline, or technology, it must be done. We are always pushing ourselves to the limit. In order to manufacture precision parts efficiently and with high accuracy, we utilize Renishaw Probes and custom programming. Our team of engineers is constantly testing new CNC tools, software, and technology.  

Recent CNC Blog Post

The Qualities of a Good CNC Machine Shop


CNC machining is frequently used by various industries in order to produce precision parts that are of high quality. In terms of product development, In addition, CNC machines are capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements,  these machines are also capable of cutting materials of all kinds while maintaining precision, surface finish, and high precision quality parts

GTA Machine Shop offers a range of benefits, including cost-effective, high-quality parts, quick turn-around, and precision CNC parts manufactured to the highest quality at close tolerances as a leading manufacturer of CNC machining solutions.

Material is King!

The best cnc machine shops have experience working with a wide variety of materials to create high-quality products, and have access to top suppliers to get the exact materials required for the drawing. Some shops, however, produce parts only made from certain types of materials and do not have experience with exotic materials.

There are a large number of precision CNC machine shops in Canada, most of them are ISO9001:2015 certified, and they provide a quality engineered part that meets the requirements of the customer. However, not every machine shop has the expertise to machine complex CNC parts required by a variety of industries.

In addition, you should make sure the CNC machine shop you select can both perform CNC turning and CNC milling of metal parts with multiple axes CNC machines, so required parts are according to the drawing requirements.

Sometimes even the best engineers overlook critical dimensions during the part development process. Skilled CNC companies can evaluate a part’s CNC machinability for free by offering a free assessment.

Before you make a decision, make sure the CNC company guarantees the quality of the CNC machined parts. If you place an order for CNC machined parts from us and your parts fail to meet your tolerance scheme for any reason, then you are assured that your payment is protected. Therefore, your CNC machine company is willing to refund you the cost of the CNC machined parts or redesign the faulty parts for you.

Precision Machine Shop

Whether a CNC machining company is able to handle smaller batches or mass production for your CNC machining job is largely dependent on the number of CNC machines and the size of the company. It is important for you to examine the capacity of the CNC machine shop. There are some CNC machine shops that specialize only in prototype machining and small batch machining of small parts.

Due to the fact that most online machine shops are simply middlemen, it is extremely important that you locate machine shops directly, without going through middlemen, and conduct a thorough inspection of their equipment by contacting them directly, or else you may end up paying excessive amounts for CNC-machined parts, and the quality and materials are not guaranteed since they transmit the projects to the cheapest shop without verifying their legitimacy. If the consumer and the competition both have to pay high prices for CNC machined parts, it negatively affects the final price of the product for both the consumer and the competitor



Businesses that want CNC Machine shops to machine custom parts to their drawing or models should ensure that these shops do not sell the confidential designs to the competition or leak them to the public. You should ensure that you use a non-disclosure agreement with your CNC machine shop. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legal contract that CNC manufacturers enter into with their customers, in which they promise to maintain the confidentiality of the CAD designs they receive from their clients. In such cases, you should avoid doing business with any manufacturer that does not meet the requirements outlined in this document.


The majority of CNC machines in use today must have custom code written to produce precision cnc parts, and the code is unique for each of the machines. The quality of the parts produced in a cnc shop depends on whether it has the CAD/CAM software necessary to program these machines correctly. If it doesn’t, then the parts will be produced with poor quality.