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Machine shops

There are many types of machine shops, including those with manual machines, those with CNC machines and modern technology, those with metal fabrication capabilities, such as laser or plasma metal cutting machines and water jet cutters. The majority of machine shops, however, are capable of machining ferrous and non ferrous materials. It is important to understand that each shop has its own machines and  tools, that are different from other machine shops in terms of quantity, capability, and area of expertise.

 There are a variety of processes involved in the machine shop including cutting, drilling, milling, turning, deburring and finishing, and other metalworking processes. Most of  the new machines are controlled by modern CNC controls or computers. It is common for parts to undergo additional processes, such as heat treating, electroplating, anodizing, nickel plating or painting.

 Raw materials can be found in a machine shop, including bar stock, castings, forgings, and in-process

 parts. Materials are usually tracked by lot numbers or number tags in machine shops, and each project will have unique work number.

 Purchasing equipment can be a major investment in a machine shop, so it can be a capital-intensive business. Training and experience can both be scarce and valuable, but the jobs that remain require high skill and talent.

Quality standard

Certification by ISO is essential for machine shops and other related businesses for example material suppliers, anodizing and heat treatment, otherwise the quality of parts can be compromised.  Quality control is a major concern for any company. It is crucial that the machine shop has ISO certification to ensure their quality standards are met also does business with certified suppliers only. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It sets out a number of standards which companies can follow to make sure they are producing products at the highest quality level possible, also this certification is significant because it helps companies maintain their reputation and ensures they are providing the highest possible customer service.

 ISO 9001 certification is an internationally recognized standard for quality assurance. It helps to ensure that an organization’s products and services meet customer, regulatory, and statutory requirements.

The ISO 9001 certification process includes:

– Defining what needs to be done to achieve ISO 9001 certification

– Creating a Quality Manual

– Implementing a Quality Management System

– Monitoring performance against the Quality Management System

The benefits of ISO certification are as follows:

– It ensures that all the processes involved in manufacturing a product or service comply with international quality standards.

– It provides credibility to the business because it is an internationally recognized standard.

– It helps in building trust among customers.

– It helps in attracting new customers because they know they are buying products from a trusted company.

 Internal audits are a way for an organization to assess their own performance. They are often overlooked by companies because they don’t see the need for them. But as time goes on, companies realize that internal audits are essential to maintain standards and meet regulatory requirements. Internal audits can be used to assess the effectiveness of your internal quality system and identify gaps or weaknesses in your system. Internal quality systems may include processes, procedures, policies and standards that relate to the company’s own employees or those of its suppliers. Internal quality systems should be audited periodically because they require constant maintenance and improvement in order to remain effective. our machining services

CAD/CAM Technology

The term CAD refers to computer-aided design software that is used for designing objects. 2D and 3D designs can be created using CAD software. Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the first CAD software in 1801. Part designs are manufactured using computer aided manufacturing software called CAM software. CAM software converts 2d or3D models into instructions for CNC machines or other types of manufacturing machines.

Engineers, architects, and designers use Computer-Aided Design to design and draft their plans. Every aspect of the design process, from cars to planes, is based on this standard. A computer-aided manufacturing system (CAM) controls machine tools to manufacture airplane parts and furniture using CAD software.

The manufacturing process relies heavily on CAD/CAM systems. This ensures the material is cut or shaped exactly as it should be done. In CAD/CAM systems, objects that need to be manufactured are modelled in 2d or 3D. A CAD system shows you exactly how the object will look, while CAM software help coding CNC machines or 3d printers.


Depending on the type of machine shop equipment and expertise, machine shops have different machining and fabrication capabilities. Some are specialized in machining solid metals, while others work  with fabrication only. There are some machine shops that focus exclusively on high-volume production runs for example auto motive parts etc.,  and some that work exclusively on prototypes or short production batches. Contact us for machining quote

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Machine Shops

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