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The GTA Machining Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Precision CNC machine shop located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Precision CNC machining for a variety of industries with over 30 years of experience.

 CNC machining is our specialty here at GTA, Capabilities of machining non ferrous and ferrous metal are endless. CNC milling and turning machines are equipped with Renishaw CMM Probes to measure parts on the machines. In addition to manufacturing parts, we assist our customers in designing them. We accept short and high volume machining orders, as well as prototyping precision CNC machined parts within a short time frame.


Quality Control

  Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We provide certificates of compliance, FAI reports, CMM reports, material certificates, and records of in-process inspections as part of our services. Each batch of parts is thoroughly inspected for FAI, in-process and final inspection.  


Lead Times

 We are committed to providing high-quality parts in a timely manner. Our standard lead time for short runs is 1-2 weeks. Additionally, GTA offers a 2-day premium service for small or repeat batches.   

CNC Machined Parts

 Our CNC machining services include prototypes, assemblies, sub assemblies, custom parts, short and long production runs, and blanket purchase orders are also welcome.

We do not outsource machining to outside companies. Our CNC machine shop performs all precision machining in-house.


Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Inconel, Steels, Stainless Steel, Silver, Titanium, Plastics are just some of the materials that we machine. Additionally, we provide Rohs3 materials with proper certificates.  Get a Machining Quote

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CNC Machining

 Here is our step-by-step guide to starting and finishing a machining project

  1. Discuss the project with our team and plan the project 
  1. The Work Traveler must be created according to the agreement.
  1. Work Traveler is released for Cad/Cam programming and quality control to review.
  1. Cad/Cam programming starts at this point. The quality control department verifies that all the gauges or other measuring devices are calibrated to use for each project.
  1. Purchase the appropriate materials for the project. All received materials are marked with proper raw material numbers. Material is only purchased from approved sources by GTA. As a result of our long-term relationship with many suppliers of materials, there is never an issue with delivery or quality. 
  1. Once material is received, the machining process begins, according to the work traveler. There are some projects which only require one operation on one machine, and there are also some complex parts that require a number of machines and multiple machining operations. 
  1. Each machining operation must pass a quality assurance inspection. During machining, in-process inspection is performed. Our minimum in-process inspection percentage is 10%, and critical features are inspected 100% during machining operations. We also offer 100% inspection of each part and serialization at extra cost  
  1. The machining process is followed by a quality inspection. Parts that require any type of coating or special process are sent to approved vendors who perform procedures specific to the drawing.
  1. The final quality inspection is performed once the parts have been returned from approved vendors.
  1. The next step is to package and ship the products to the customers around the world. Read our blog

CNC Machining Equipment

   The GTA equipment list includes multiple CNC precision lathes and milling machines. Most of our machines are equipped with Renishaw probes for measuring parts during the machining process, these probes also assist with machine part setup and calibration of the machines. The high precision probes with custom programming can measure parts during run and if the part tolerance is over, the operator will be notified, if the part tolerance is under, the appropriate tool will run again to adjust the size of the features. Get more Machining capabilities Info

CNC Milling

We have 3 axis, 4 axis, and 5 axis milling machines capable of machining parts up to 70″ long. CNC programming code for these machines is developed using high-end software, and macro programs are used to automate special functions.

 Our milling capabilities extend from machining solid materials, castings, forgings, extrusions, sheet metal, and small and large batch production runs. We can mill all types of materials to produce precision parts with our milling machines. Based on our experience in a variety of industries, we can identify critical features of components and quote and deliver high quality parts in a timely manner.

  CNC Turning 

 A 2-axis CNC lathes and a 4-axis CNC lathes are used to produce precision machined parts. All of our lathe machines are equipped with servo bar feeders for feeding raw material to be machined. Moreover, our 4-axis machines have milling capabilities. Additionally, we offer custom threading, multiple thread cutting, and variable pitch augers. Furthermore, we provide spline cutting, key slot cutting, and broaching services. In addition, we can maintain high precision turning for materials up to 52HRC.                  


Quality Control 

The quality control system we use is based on the ISO 9001:20015 standard, and the quality control equipment we use includes a Mitutoyo CMM machine, multimeters, digital bore gauges, a shadow graph, digital micrometers, calipers, and all the other instruments we may need. The calibration of quality control equipment is done on a regular basis. 

Deburring and Polishing

CNC machined parts undergo deburring, cleaning, and washing routines after machining. We also offer mirror polishing aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, sand blasting, stress relief, and surface preparation for painting aluminum extrusions. The vibratory tub can accommodate parts up to 4 feet in length   CNC Precision Machining Blog

30+ Years

of experience in CNC precision machining in wide range of Industries

  GTA Machining Solutions is a custom CNC machine shop located in Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Providing precision machined parts worldwide. Find out more about our services


Precision Machines, parts, tools, and other equipment that are essential in modern manufacturing to maintain control and tolerances. With the help of high end software and engineering, these devices function under extremely tight tolerances.

 When an assembly consists of many parts, precision machining will be necessary to ensure these parts fit together perfectly and function properly.


 When machines uses the highest level of engineering talent, and software, it pushes the limits of materials science and design. It can achieve the tightest tolerances defined by any subset of manufacturing parameters.

 With advancements in all related technologies, precision machining continues to advance and improve and push the limits. Using a combination of computer-controlled design and human engineering, precision machining can create unique features and highly controlled output and functionality as a result of advances in fluid dynamics, chemical control, mechanical, climate extremes, and durability required by modern hardware technologies. Get a Machining Quote

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