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Vibratory Tumbling   

 Vibratory deburring is a process that removes burrs and sharp edges from metal parts by rubbing them against each other. The machine used for this process is called a spindle, which has two rotating discs with teeth spaced at different intervals. The metal part to be deburred is clamped between the discs, which spin at high speed in opposite directions, causing the teeth to alternately catch and release the metal part, shearing off any burrs or sharp edges. This process can also be done manually with a hand tool called an edge runner, which consists of two rotating wheels with teeth on their surfaces. that alternately catch and release the metal part. Vibratory deburring is a process that removes burrs and sharp edges from metal surfaces. It is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to remove the burrs from metal parts.

 Vibratory deburring uses a vibrating tool that moves across the surface of the part. This vibration loosens up any residual particles or pieces of metal on the surface of the part which are then brushed away by compressed air.

 The main benefits of vibratory deburring are that it can be done in-line with production and does not require any consumables like water or chemicals for cleaning up afterwards. It also does not produce any waste material as it only removes what is necessary for this process to work, making it environmentally friendly.
The best way to choose the right metal deburring machine for your needs is to understand the different types of machines available. There are three main categories of metal deburring machines: vibratory, ultrasonic, and abrasive.

 Vibratory deburrers work by shaking or vibrating the workpiece against a rotating blade. The blade is often made from carbide or diamond and rotates at high speeds. The vibrations cause the material to chip away from the surface and eventually break away completely. Ultrasonic deburrers use sound waves to break up materials into smaller pieces, while abrasive-based machines use sharp blades that cut through materials with friction.

Tumbling Media

 The tumbling process scrubs off a layer of material from the given part by using a rigid media. It uses an additional agent for bonding, so the rate of removal is relatively constant over the size of this media. Experts believe that this is due to the fact that the bonding agent gradually recedes and exposes more abrasive particles. When choosing media for a specific coating process or project, you should take into consideration its size, shape, particle size & other qualities that are related to the desired surface finish. You should also perform a trial process to test whether the selected media meets your needs.

Here is the list of the media for deburring and finishing

  • Ceramic Media
  • Corn Cob , Walnut shells organic media
  • Plastic media
  • Steel media
  • Compounds for wet tumbling

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