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Machine Shop Services 

 Machine shop Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified shop. As a company that manufactures and supplies parts to a wide range of industries, GTA is committed to providing high-quality parts at an affordable price, and shipping within Canada and worldwide at reasonable costs.

 Our manufacturing services include everything from conception to completion. Regardless of the scale of the production, assembly, or prototype, GTA can handle it, and on blanket orders, sufficient quantities of the parts will be kept in hand. Therefore, we will be able to fulfill upcoming orders quickly.   

 All material certificates, FAI reports, CMM reports, in-process inspection sheets, finishing certificates, as well as the certificate of compliance are provided free of charge. 

 All raw materials are obtained from certified suppliers. Besides raw materials that comply with Rohs3, we also supply materials that are manufactured in North American mills. Learn more about our services 

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 The CNC parts supplied by GTA Machine Shop are made according to your specifications at a cost that is reasonable. Variables such as these affect our pricing quote

  1. The cost of raw materials, Rohs3 and AMS-specified metals is higher than the cost of regular metals. Only approved suppliers are dealt with by us  
  2. The complexity of the part, the more complicated the part, the more expensive it will be due to multiple machining operations.
  3. Machinability of a material. Aluminum and regular steels are easier to machine than Titanium or Inconel. The cost of machining aluminum, steel, and stainless steel parts is much lower than machining Titanium or high nickel metals   
  4. CAD/CAM Programming cost. Simple 2D parts do not require 3D models; however, if the part has multiple features or surfaces, a 3D model supplied by the customer can reduce programming costs.
  5. Batch size of the project. Batch size affects pricing significantly. Batches with larger quantities have a lower cost. 
  6. Fixture and tooling cost, this depends on the part requirements. Large odd shape parts will require custom holding fixtures or jigs. The cost of tooling for machining aluminum or regular steel parts is very low. However, low-machinability materials will require multiple tools, which will increase their cost. 
  7. Machining cost, which is the actual cost of machining the part. It depends on the size, features, and amount of material that needs to be removed from stock.
  8. Heat treatment, Shot peening, LPI etc., depending on the drawing, we supply parts according to drawings or customer specifications 
  9. Metal surface finishing processes, anodizing, nickel plating, prime and painting, zinc plating, after machining, deburring, and cleaning, the parts will be anodized, plated or painted, if required by drawing or customer. Deburring, polishing and cleaning does not cost extra
  10. Shipping cost, we work with multiple carriers. Please contact us for shipping estimation Read machine shop blog

Lead Times

 Generally, our lead times are between two and three weeks, depending on the batch order. Repeat and new small batches of the parts usually ship out in two weeks. Contact us

 GTA offers premium service for rush orders. The lead time for rush orders is same day or next day. It all depends on the size of the order, material availability, complexity of the machining, heat treatment requirements and finishing processes such as paint, anodize, LPI etc.   

 When it comes to short lead times or rush deliveries, having all the necessary data is very crucial. Any missing data will delay the project. The following steps will ensure that your rush order does not get delayed.

Machine Shop Services

Machine Shop Services 

 Our team can assist you with design, prototyping, choosing the right materials, and finishing the part, as well as reverse engineering and product development assistance. 

 The following is a list of materials we can machine: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Inconel, Steels, Stainless Steel, 1Titanium, Plastics.

  The standard lead time for small batches is two weeks. Additionally, we offer a priority service for rush orders, which takes a day or two to complete.

The services we offer include turning up to four axes and milling up to five axes. Our range of industries includes automotive, commercial equipment, food, medical, molding, consumer goods, and so on.

 Our highly-experienced staff utilizes the latest technology softwares, such as Mastercam, Fusion360, and multiple custom CNC coding programs, which provides increased productivity, precision and safety. machine shop Mississauga


GTA machine shop is located in Mississauga close to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. We specialize in CNC milling, turning, and fabrication. Providing quality products and a reasonable delivery time is our commitment to our customers.

 Regardless of the complexity of the project, our full time skilled team can handle it. Our team can assist you with design, prototyping, choosing the right materials, and finishing the part, as well as reverse engineering and product development assistance.

 The use of Advanced 3D designing and cam coding software enables us to advance in every aspect of manufacturing. Custom CMM probing cycles created by our team make in-process inspection easier, as well as increasing product quality  

 Please visit our website for more information or call 905-678-6226 for our primary phone number to learn more about our services. Contact us for more info


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