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CAD drawings must be dimensioned correctly and contain all the information necessary for preparing the part, including examples of materials, revision notes, and finishing instructions. Models and drawings must always be provided properly in order to ensure the quality of the part. Most machine shops convert customer parts models to their CAM software, so model data can be lost when the models are converted to different file formats. Provide 2d drawings of the specifications where necessary.


    During the design process, it is imperative to carefully define the tolerance requirements for each feature and material choice.


  It is important that you record the requirements you have in the drawing notes or you can discuss them with the manufacturer


It will be more expensive to CNC machine prototype parts than to make the production run.

You should be as flexible as possible in choosing the material for sample parts since these parts won’t be sent to production. Therefore, the costs will be lower and the delivery period will be shorter.


Before designing any parts or assemblies, be sure to fully understand the manufacturing process. If possible, use 3D printers in order to test assemblies as part of the design process.


   Make sure to always ask for certificates of materials and finishing processes, as well as certificates of conformance, when you are trying to ensure quality products.


  Make sure you are working with a machine shop that is certified to ISO 9001:2015, and also that it’s an actual machine shop, rather than just a distributor. You can’t expect quality work if the vendor is simply an online seller who sources the work out.


  Before the manufacturer begins the machining process, it is important to discuss any concerns or questions you might have.


With rush orders, you might have a quality issue if you do not have enough time to complete them in a timely manner.


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